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Read and Rhyme with Me
The Book That Grows
From "Chocolate"

From "Quiet Night Thoughts"


An early childhood book & media company for building literacy and language learning, bilingual and parental support


"Read and Rhyme with Me From Many Lands" has become one of my absolute favorite children's books. Using different languages and gestures children learn poems from countries around the world...perfect for a group or one on one activity with a child. A must for every child care center!"

—Beth Lakier, Executive Director of One Hope United and President of Chicago AEYC 

"This book is durable.... The illustrations are beautiful and encourage the children to use their imagination... There are a variety of subjects, languages and techniques in the illustrations and art which will keep children as well as teachers interested.”

—Jody L. Martin, Vice President of Education and Training, Crème de la Crème 

We’ve found Hand Songs books to be great complements to teaching kids new languages. The symbols provide a tactile means for young learners to express themselves, and the illustrations are beautiful, so our students’ parents enjoy looking through them with their kids. We hope you can make use of Hand Songs books as well.
—Michael Fee, Founder/Managing Director, Lango – Foreign Languages for Kids

Did you know that the Book That Grows  is striving to be GREEN? The Book That Grows will include the beautiful reading selections in an eco-friendly binder. The binder is made up of up to 97 percent post-consumer waste plus 3 percent recycled material. No toxic materials! It's the best way to grow a book. 

Check out the interactive version of "Chocolate" here! It includes audio and video options within the text to model the Hand Songs and gestures to make the reading experience truly interactive.